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April 25, 2009

World Group matches are yawn. Russia is going to take the whole thing. Next?

Oops? Plushy did her snarly, fiiiierce squirrel thing to no avail. Bageled. Never in doubt, though. I read that Tarpishchev made Anna and Nadia play for Vera’s vacant single’s spot? What. the. fuck. Anna hasn’t won more than half a dozen competitive matches this year.

I like Dani Hantuchova more than Cornet, but the ‘ATTACKING TENNIS IS THE ONLY TRUE FORM OF TENNIS, DOWN WITH PUSHERS’ brigade at wta world is so fucking annoying that I was hoping Corny would pull off another win. Ugh. But Alize is Alize, and Alize FAILS at Fed Cup.

I’m so glad this tournament will be over tomorrow. ;____; So dull. SO DULL. The most promising match (Rafa vs. Nalby) didn’t even happen, and the most entertaining one (Verdasco vs. Gonzalez, according to reports) I missed. Hooray for Barcelona’s suckage.

And I love Rafa to death, but I’m so not waking up early to watch the final tomorrow. I don’t remember ever – ever – enjoying or being entertained by a Ferrer match. Not even by the ones where he beat Novak Magically Hateful Djokovic. Big pile of blahness.

In non-blah Barcelona news: the orange V is for Vegeeta jacket is starting to grow on me. ❤

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