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i won’t let you down, so please don’t give me up

August 11, 2010

Via an article by Kamakshi Tandon:

As for Roddick, his constant search for any new edge is well-documented. Last year’s book by uber-agent Donald Dell, “Never Make the First Offer,” offers a glimpse of the former No. 1’s determination to stay in the hunt at the top. Roddick’s clothing company, Lacoste, offered him a mid-seven-figure deal to sign with it but wanted to drop the figure by 75 percent if Roddick fell outside the top 15. Dell recalls Roddick’s response: “If I ever drop below No. 15, I’m going to retire from tennis anyway, and Lacoste can do whatever it wants.”

It’s unfortunate that since he shaved his head all I can think of when looking at him is CANCER PATIENT.

Amazing observation by samstosurnews:

For NIKE designers, ice cream is not only delicious, but inspirational!!!

My idea for improving that shirt remains, tho.


and so it goes down in history

August 10, 2010

… that the only two times a #1 and #2 teamed up for doubles, they lost.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicUnimpressed.

If I had to list my personal top 3 players to watch in Toronto (watch as in DRAMA AWAITING RESOLUTION TBC, as opposed to DANGEROUS AND LOOMING), the list would be as follow: 3. Murray (it was Berdych, but blast it, Mandy is in coach limbo and in a delicate position in the race), 2. Roddick (DESPERATE FIGHT TO HOLD ON TO TOP 10 Y/N?), 1. Roger Federer. Because of the new coach situation. Even though his Masters performances aren’t indicative of what he’ll do in Slams nowadays.

I have memories of Higueras looking uncomfortable in the stands during the clay court season in 2008.

Anywaysies. The GOAT’s pre-tounament presser. And a video of parts of said presser. And pics.

Click on both vid and pics to get the full dimension of how much the new hair style sucks.

I don’t understand the conflict of interests reasoning re: doubles with Rafa, but don’t think it’s a tragedy it never came to pass. They’re… awkward together on court. (As an aside, Madrid 2010 final was the most awkward match I’ve watchec this year, more than Kim x Justine in Brisbane. CRINGESVILLE.)

miracle monday

August 10, 2010

Image and video hosting by TinyPic72 IS # OF POSTIONS MOVED!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic(thread)

Aaaand 3rd: Bobojana scored her biggest win and defeated Rezai first round of Cincy! Moves to top 90!

Also, I’ve realized the reason I’m so fond of Elena Dementieva’s TINFOIL FAIRY pics is because they remind me of Hex.

dangerous and looming

August 5, 2010


In 2007, Nalbandian (then ranked around #30 or so) came out of an injury break and won TMS Madrid & Paris b2b. Demolishing the field on his way and coming within an inch of qualifying to the Masters Cup (now glorious WTF). All it would take was a withdrawal and he (and his sick backhand) would get in as sub. There were rumors Roddick would w/d. I think he was coerced not to.

So. That rankings jump inspired me to start a v. special ~*NALBANDIAN RANKINGS WATCH*~ to follow his progress and see if he can do something similar this year.

He’s older, he’s injury-prone, he’s chubby, he’s #117 – so it should be much harder this time around. AND YET.

By beating Wawrinka in Washington, he got 45 pts. If he beats Chiudinelli next rnd, he goes to 555 pts total and gets into top 100. (Then he’d meet either Simon or Roddick – DELICIOUS MATCH. That won’t be streamed. Woe.)

I believe Nalbandian entirely when he says his focus is on Davis Cup. I don’t think he’s much too concerned about rankings. But some players may be. On his behalf.

you might have seen me in the streets

August 4, 2010

YESlooove Poll for that made in my house. looove

I’ve been obsessing over Berdych. It’s a very general kind of obsessing, there’s no emotional investment. I just surprised myself the other day when I realized I was putting him in my mental list of serious USO contenders — ahead of more obvious choices.  (My early pick to win it all is Murray, but my batting average when it comes to picking USO winners/final 4s is dire on both tours. I correctly picked Roger to win it only 3 times. [/goat]) I also like the way he looks at me sultrily from his ATP profile page.

Tomáš Berdych has 5 titles: 2 on clay, 1 on carpet (TMS Paris), 1 on hard, 1 on grass. He’s one of the very few players in activity with a title on every surface. (Federer, Nalbandian, Roddick, Gasquet.)

The furthest he’s been at the USO is 4R. But then again, the furthest he’d been on ANY Slam before 2010 was QF (once, in 2007, at Wimbledon). The USO was, however, his first break-out Slam. He made it to R16 there in 2004, when he was 19.

Tomáš is keeping his schedule light. He will be playing only Washington (500), Canada (1000) and Cincinnati (1000) before the USO (2000). He’s defending 280 (playing 4500). He’s #4 in the Race.

Unrelated to Berdych, but related to Washington: Wawrinka and Baghdatis are playing doubles together and won their first match today/yesterday. I’m calling their team Lundgren’s boys. (THAT USED TO BE SAFIN/FEDERER.)

I want a Berdych x Nalbandian final desperately.

cannot deal

July 28, 2010

It’s not any animal costume. Dark brown ones are particularly bad. Dark brown ones kneeling.

my music so loud, i’m swangin

July 28, 2010


The coaching carousel by Stephanie Myles

I object to Cahill as Andy’s coach. My reasons are nowhere near legit.

Lundgren/Wawa still my favorite out of Coach Transfer Season news. I don’t think Mano Menezes’ results justify his appointment to lead Brasil, tbh.

Andrea wearing a nice adidas jacket.