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2008 was a good year for tennis, publicity wise

September 29, 2010

… seriously, it was!

I was reading TENNIS IS SUPER SEXY by James LaRosa and thinking how rare it is for tennis to make a big(ish) splash in the news. I could think of only 4 events in recent years: 1. Youzhny bashing his head w/ racquet becoming a YouTube phenomenon, 2. The Wimbledon 2008 final, 3. Roger Federer completing the career Slam and equaling Sampras in # of major titles, 4. Isner-Mahut. (*)

Two of those happened in 2008.  A list of notable (good for publicity) stuff that happened in 2008, chronologically:

1. Novak Djokovic winning the AO. First man not named Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal to win a Slam since AO ’05. Young and had already become a crowd fave in USO ’07.
2. Maria Sharapova winning the AO  (bt Ivanovic in the final) and becoming world #1. Popular and hot. Sadly, her shoulder woes also started that year.
3. Youzhny. (The vid I’m linking to is from the official ATP channel and has over 500K views. But I remember the first non-official video uploaded reached over 1 million views in about two weeks.)
4. Ana Ivanovic winning RG. Popular and hot. Her slump began soon after and lasts to this day, but also to this day, hers is one of the most visited among athletes’ official websites.
5. The Wimbledon 2008 final.

(*) Honorable mentions: Agassi admitting to have used drugs in his book. Serena threatening TO SHOVE A BALL DOWN SHINO’S FUCKING THROAT. Serena and the Mysterious Case of the Broken Glass that Led to Foot Surgery.

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