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and so it goes down in history

August 10, 2010

… that the only two times a #1 and #2 teamed up for doubles, they lost.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicUnimpressed.

If I had to list my personal top 3 players to watch in Toronto (watch as in DRAMA AWAITING RESOLUTION TBC, as opposed to DANGEROUS AND LOOMING), the list would be as follow: 3. Murray (it was Berdych, but blast it, Mandy is in coach limbo and in a delicate position in the race), 2. Roddick (DESPERATE FIGHT TO HOLD ON TO TOP 10 Y/N?), 1. Roger Federer. Because of the new coach situation. Even though his Masters performances aren’t indicative of what he’ll do in Slams nowadays.

I have memories of Higueras looking uncomfortable in the stands during the clay court season in 2008.

Anywaysies. The GOAT’s pre-tounament presser. And a video of parts of said presser. And pics.

Click on both vid and pics to get the full dimension of how much the new hair style sucks.

I don’t understand the conflict of interests reasoning re: doubles with Rafa, but don’t think it’s a tragedy it never came to pass. They’re… awkward together on court. (As an aside, Madrid 2010 final was the most awkward match I’ve watchec this year, more than Kim x Justine in Brisbane. CRINGESVILLE.)

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  1. bibi permalink
    August 10, 2010 1:37 pm

    True, Federer’s new ‘do sucks majorly. It’s cut so high and narrow that it makes his face huge and meaty, like a giant snail’s foot.

    Actually, with this haircut his face looks so much like Sampras it’s creepy.

    • loltennis permalink*
      August 10, 2010 5:24 pm

      with this haircut his face looks so much like Sampras it’s creepy.

      IDK I’M NOT SURE I’D GO THAT FAR!! Inasmuch as I find Roger a reasonably handsome dude, even with the new hair, but… cannot say the same about Pistol Pete. At least Pete has an excuse re: hair styling choices, Roger has NONE. He was blessed with excellent hair.

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