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dangerous and looming

August 5, 2010


In 2007, Nalbandian (then ranked around #30 or so) came out of an injury break and won TMS Madrid & Paris b2b. Demolishing the field on his way and coming within an inch of qualifying to the Masters Cup (now glorious WTF). All it would take was a withdrawal and he (and his sick backhand) would get in as sub. There were rumors Roddick would w/d. I think he was coerced not to.

So. That rankings jump inspired me to start a v. special ~*NALBANDIAN RANKINGS WATCH*~ to follow his progress and see if he can do something similar this year.

He’s older, he’s injury-prone, he’s chubby, he’s #117 – so it should be much harder this time around. AND YET.

By beating Wawrinka in Washington, he got 45 pts. If he beats Chiudinelli next rnd, he goes to 555 pts total and gets into top 100. (Then he’d meet either Simon or Roddick – DELICIOUS MATCH. That won’t be streamed. Woe.)

I believe Nalbandian entirely when he says his focus is on Davis Cup. I don’t think he’s much too concerned about rankings. But some players may be. On his behalf.

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  1. August 9, 2010 8:57 am

    he’s on the 45th place now! wooohoo! take that, atp!
    LOVED watching him play yesterday, that backhand is orgasmic, for lack of a better word. and the man is just crazy with a racket in his hand, he has no fear. if he can fix that serve, the rest of the field SHOULD be worried. lol.
    loved the picture! 🙂

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