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a lot of stuff that is none of my business

July 17, 2010

Did Berdych have any previous dating experience before Lucie? Did Federer, btw, before his wife? It just seems to me like ATP players tend to gravitate towards the extremes of the mating systems scale: they’re either SLUTS! or Schistosoma mansoni.

Anyway, here’s a TF thread with pics of Nicole Stepankova’s (née Vaidisova) marriage to her reformed ATP SLUT!/ladies man.

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Intriguing info for me was this (Berdych wasn’t invited). I’d heard that Lucie and Nicole had fallen out, but Berdych and Stepanek seem to get along swimmingly (in DC anyway) and I thought he’d be at the wedding for sure.

The no WC for Ivanovic in Montreal thing: Ana (#65) has played 10 tournaments this year (8 of them Premier/Slam level) . Only one more  than Serena (#1). Less than everybody else in top 10, bar Venus (#3), who has also played ten events.

Yes, it’s sad and a very questionable decision by Montreal TD not to award a WC to a former champ who heavily supported the tournament when it was in bad shape before the road map. But I can’t get too worked up on the behalf of a player who only wants to play the big tournaments despite not doing enough in them to qualify for MD entry on her own ranking merits. (I *like* Ana, btw, and think she should have gotten the WC. But I also think she’s had it coming for  a while now for insisting on scheduling like she’s still a top player. It’s not like she’s been slumping for a few months – it’s been 2 years.)

To end this on a light note: Favourite tennis GIFs. This thread will be delicious.

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  1. Camelia permalink
    July 18, 2010 8:01 pm

    nothing to do with the post, but how do I subscribe to your rss blog feed? thanks!
    crazy writing, by the way. good crazy 🙂

    • loltennis permalink*
      July 18, 2010 9:07 pm

      Thank you!! There’s a link for it right below the tags cloud now, I just found out how to add it. Didn’t have a clue, haha.

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