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i feel bad for being so into this

May 27, 2010

Translation courtesy of redsonja:

As a coach, I can say that he did– for all practical purposes– zero work. (…) Intervening was hard, because Dinara got results — even if her base was built through the work of other coaches. Just from Zeljko she heard and understood what she hadn’t from other coaches. Probably he even told her things that she liked to hear as a girl. But as for the work that was really necessary, it didn’t get done.

... mmkay

First Myskina (“Krajan has spoiled a lot in Safina’s game”), now Rausa. And the back problem still haunting.

It’s just one continual Astral Hell for Dinara. So much for her brother being the family’s tragic character.

(Aaand she was practicing with Gulbis’ coach. Ernests/Safins story continues.)

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  1. Kate permalink
    May 28, 2010 6:05 pm

    I knew it! I knew they were knockin’ boots.

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