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it’s not me, it’s you, i’m perfect

May 12, 2010

Best approach to Our Lady of Perpetual GOAT-dom’s interviews is always lol Roger. Always.

I had this ginormous entry half-typed on the slumping Russians (subject line: FOREVER IS OOOVA) based on this thread.

But. 29 DAYS & 18 HOURS UNTIL THE WORLD CUP. It’s getting harder to care about tennis beyond the most basic of ‘VAMOS RAFA!’ and ‘gEt iT tOgEThEr, lADieS!!!11’.

MADRID makes matters worse. It’s an annoying tournament with an annoying website, annoying OOPs, and that, annoyingly, plays nothing like Roland Garros. Only thing semi-relevant going for Madrid right now is rankings chair dance. And expectation of Fedal final for those inclined, I guess.

In a nutshell: w/e. I’ll be tracking WC squad news, fingers crossed my faves leave Tiriac’s Realm uninjured. (NO ONE HAS A CLUE HOW MUCH I MEAN THIS. SRSLY!!)

Random: I’m curious if playing less/extended rest time will result in increased performance for Djokovic at Wimbledon.

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