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i’m very sensitive, some would say that’s a plus

May 4, 2010

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Ridiculously fond of this pic, haha. (Thank YOU!)

After Rome, it’s time for Roger to carry the “defending trijillion pts in less than 2 months” weight that was resting on Novak’s and Rafa’s shoulders. Good news for him is that he’s guaranteed #1 until after RG regardless AND he’s been excelling at defending what matters for years. Bad news is that he might need to channel Slamderer in Madrid or he’ll be losing a lot of pts right off the bat. (Though 250 from Estoril should be a nice buffer.)

From now until and including Wimbledon, Federer is defending 5000 pts (1000 Madrid, 2000 RG, 2000 Wimbledon) and playing 5500 (all 3 mentioned plus 250 Estoril, 250 Halle).

Between wrist surgery rumor for Del Potro and Davydenko maybe being out for the rest of the season, top 8 seeds for Paris could be: 1. Federer, 2. Djokovic, 3. Rafa, 4. Murray, 5. Soderling, 6. Roddick, 7. Verdasco, 8. Tsonga.

Small chance for Rafa to be seeded #2 in Paris. He’d have to win Madrid and Djokovic lose before sf. (Assuming Novak will defend Belgrade, obvsly.)

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