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April 25, 2010

STEPHANIE RICE watched this year’s and last year’s Australian Open’s women’s final. She follows Andy Roddick, Ana_Updates (for Ana Ivanovic) and SERENA WILLIAMS on twitter. Recently (yesterday lol) replied to a Serena tweet.

In that tweet, Serena mentions ANNA WINTOUR, who’s a known Roger Federer enthusiast (lol code for: wants to do him) and who can also be seen here with MICHAEL PHELPS:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

PHELPS who’s claimed to be a fan of Rafa, having watched a match of his at last year’s USO. (I love Phelpsy, but I have a theory he’s into Rafa mostly because, like RYAN LOCHTE, he worships at the altar of Weezy, and Weezy USED to be a fan – now turncoat.)

RICE is good pals with PHELPS (and I still want them to hook up and have Namor babies asdfgdf) and also with his old Olympic rival, IAN THORPE.

THORPEDO who can be seen here in this vid @ Sea World with TATIANA GOLOVIN. And in this lulzy ad featuring SAM STOSUR:

That’s all.

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