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April 14, 2010

1. Oh, Mandy. 😦 Three losses on the trot. One more and you match Rafa’s WTF losing streak (3 RR + Shanghai final loss).

2. SORI HAD A BIRTHDAY ♥ But the slump continues. 1 & 5 to Benesova is 😦

3. Dinara looks happier training with Zeljko in Varazdin than she’d looked trough most of 2009. I’m fond of Dina. I miss her. But it’s nice to see her happy for a change, bugging her brother trough text msg so that he’d bring her an iPad. Be happy, kiddo!!! (Awwn, recent pic with fan.)

4. Fave thread of the day: Guess the excuse maker. First one: “My shoes weren’t the right size so I couldn’t focus on the match.” (JJ reins supreme.)

Tarpi took the ‘Davydenko back in Monte’ comment out of his ass, JMDP is now #4, Djokovic fired Todd Martin, lala don’t care. Vika is injured and apparently Pico Monaco will be having wrist surgery after RG. Sad stuff.

Wish so much I had caught Nalby/Youz. I’ll be missing almost all of Monte Carlo, boo.

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