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maybe i was washed out like a lip-print on his shiiirt

April 4, 2010
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Rafa may be having a problem with his left knee.  I was gutted for an hour, then it waned. I’M ALL OUT OF GUTS.  Idk if it’s going to lead to a pull out from Monte Carlo, but  speaking of MC and pull outs – JMDP apparently won’t be ready in time for it. Fed was vehement about not playing it, and Mandy asked and was granted a WC.

There’s some conspiracy theory(?!!!?!)  that he did it because he knew Rafa would be out or something (?!!!?!). Since that makes zero sense to me, I’m choosing to believe he did it because he felt reinvigorated by BEING REUNITED WITH HIS FIERCE GF \o/

Also, from James LaRosa (whom I carry a torch for, ngl):  Fed allegedly lunching today in Miami with a solo Mrs. Tiger Woods. Roger Federer, Marriage Ref?

I wish these were the sort of news I’d read on a daily basis about my fave.  😦 Also also, alternative subject line for this entry: ~~ News From The Heart

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Nothing to do with anything, I just felt like posting this pic because it cheers me up.

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