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cannot text you with a drink in my hand

April 2, 2010

1. WTA site has a tribute gallery to Steffi. It’s pretty cute.

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I hate it. I’m annoyed that it’s so terribly overrated. My club courts of Nadwiślan in Krakow are wreck and near they built a pitch for some fifth league which cost 2 millions złotys. (link)


That day, time was extremely hot, and almost all the girls that were at the party were only in bathing suits, which is a trademark of Benešovih parties. Guests were entertained with the sounds of samba and other Latin dances, and our player was clearly the mood as it saletale many beauties from all sides. Most persistent of them was a certain Karen, who at one time the village Djokovic in his lap, and then used the opportunity to built the famous tennis and photographed with him. American media speculated that aggressive blond Karen after long insistence by Djokovic managed to get the phone number. (link)

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Graduate faster, Jelena Ristic.

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