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his relief-victorious face is a hoot

March 28, 2010

ETA: Fave of the day – HANDSHAKE FAILS. Totally unrelated to Rafa/Nalbandian, of course. SEE HUGS. OR BETTER YET – SEE THE VID.

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Somebody really needed this win. Even if it took 3 sets over a hobbled Nalbandian playing only his 3rd match after a serious hip surgery. (link)

In a nutshell. (Even though I think this was actually David’s 7th match since his return from surgery.)

Rafa played better against (an also injured at the occasion, but when is he not, these days?) Tsonga in Paris last year, and that meant his 1st (and so far only) top 10 win since Madrid ’09, but I rank this win over David almost as important. For confidence. Rafa used to be a mental giant and recently he’s been teetering near mental midgetness. I was beginning to question his ability to rally from behind when in a tough spot and keep on the competitive mentality after losing 1st sets on TBs.

Today, he did it! He had the advantage of knowing Nalbandian WOULD tire if he held on for a little longer, yeah, but it’s a start!

And it equalizes their h2h, which is v. nice.

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