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March 23, 2010

“Defending” and “playing” – read “until RG”:

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* Idk what JMDP will be playing this clay season. He committed to MC & Barcelona, but maybe it depends on the wrist. He’s already losing 360 for not playing Miami. (Should be @ 5735 after Miami.)

* I’m assuming Andy will only play Miami, Rome and Madrid and won’t ask for a WC anywhere. It’s clay. He’s still bummed about AO and doesn’t seem to give a toss.

* Sod was going to be a part of this since he stands to win a lot of pts in the next 2 months – he exited early in ALL tournaments except one. That one. But I have no patience to check Sod’s stats further.

Suffice to say that he’s a threat, rankings wise, to everyone not-Fed (Djokovic is safe, too, I think).

Rafa has Miami (QF – 180), Monte Carlo (W – 1000), Barcelona (W – 500), Rome (W – 1000) and Madrid (F – 600) on his schedule.

He has nowhere to win pts but Miami and Madrid, just drop. So unless he wins all 5 events, he should reach RG with no more than the amount of pts he has right now (6800). Probably less.

Disclaimer: there could be mistakes. MANY. GROSS mistakes. In math, info, everything. Nothing got double checked. BUT IT GETS THE GIST. I THINK.

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