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March 21, 2010

1. In a few hours from now, Roddick could be winning his first MS in 4 years and Ljubicic the first in his career!! I don’t really care, BUT WOOT FOR THEM!! I mean, one’s a guy who is coming from injuries and a heartbreaking Wimbledon final last year, and the other is a bald 31 yo man who likes Bosnian films.

2. Rafa continues to not be Rafa, which is sad, but has been the case for so long that I’m sort of used to it. And he won in doubles!! Good for him. Especially since that meant his last presser wasn’t about two losses on the same day.

3. I’m calling this Jelena Jankovic photoshoot The Photoshoot in Which JJ Reminds Me of Amanda Blank.

A lot of players will be missing Miami – Serena, Dinara, JMDP, Davydenko. BUT THE SADDEST OF THEM ALL IS MASHA. There will be no Djokopova reunion for the exho with Mel B.

With not even that to tide me over, I’m giving Miami a pass and concentrating on getting shit done irl (& on football, but mostly getting shit done).


My favorite Swiss guy, so I can end this on a happy note! MAGICAL ZEBRA ♥

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