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lol ‘sup – the important bits

March 5, 2010

– Gulbis won a title. Future of men’s tennis. #1 in waiting. All hail. (*)
– Jankovic lost 1R in Monterrey. Waste of a WC.
– James LaRosa says on his twitter that Davydenko may miss IW & Miami (wrist, ret in Dubai, not playing DC). JMDP officially out.
Anna Kournikova still the HBIC.
– Nicole Vaidisova lost again 1R in a 25k. There’s rumor she’ll tie the knot with Radek in June/July.

What else? I have a trijillion thoughts on a lot of stuff (such as rankings, Hit for Haiti pt 2, Davis Cup points & mysterious drop dates, tennis’ specialized press, how everything looks like an endless preamble until RG and how I’m TIRED AND BORED TO TEARS), but there’s NO WAY I could write it all down in concise fashion. Basically.

(*) Ominous signs that point to the birth of our new tennis great/overlord: Djokovic defended a title for the 1st time, Ferrer won one after almost 2 years.

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