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whenever, whatever, olympic fatigue

February 26, 2010

The Shakira vid I said I wouldn’t watch but caved: I’m an oddity amongst Rafa KADs in that I’m XX, straight and don’t find Rafa fap material. Cute, not hot. (He has his moments, tho – Gypsy vid wasn’t one of them.)

So the whole shirtless-straddling-rolling-in-dirt thing – I don’t get any gratification from that. I do get gratification, however, from him not being completely awkward and awful at it.

If it were up to me (lol), he’d have never starred in a music video, especially not playing the tacky Latin lover role. But since it’s done, I’m glad it doesn’t kill me from 2nd hand embarrassment, it’s what I’m saying. (There’s cringing, but not death.)

Venus Williams, on her comeback  against Laura Pous Tio in Acapulco:

“I’ve never received the kind of support from a crowd as I did tonight when I was coming back from 5-1 down in the third, not at Fed Cup, the US Open or the Olympics.”

I believe her. I was watching last year as her homecrowd ditched her in favor of Kim Clijsters @ the USO.

free image host free image host free image host

Struggling to get this photoshoot. Make-up/wardrobe people obviously hate Daniela the least.

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