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my next fave player will be an icey isolationist

February 19, 2010

edit: the WTA site presents Maria: The Glamour Gallery. Because she’s won some matches in Memphis. Or because they just felt like it, idk. Seriously, I love this tour.

The Vavrinec/Peer look alike thing:

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I so see it, but I suppose it depends on the pics, angles, etc.

Testament to how interested I’ve been in tennis since Melbourne: I just now realized that Gasquet went to Buenos Aires, not Marseilles, and that it’s (was, since he lost to Horacio Zeballos) only Moya’s 3rd tournament this year, 4 matches total – 1 win, 3 losses.

As for All Star charity events, I’d take a friends of Ronaldo x friends of Zidane styled one, with athletes from other sports popping up over Hit for Haiti I & II, please and thank you. Confession:  tennis is my #1 sport, but overall I prefer footballers over tennis players. They have less of all the bourgeoisie universe traits that annoy me.

Hope Rafa can keep up with the fast English. Wish he had a buddy among the players participating.

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