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serbian sensations flashback

February 4, 2010

Remember back when they were fresh, “most likely to succeed up and commers” and we’d get pics like this or they’d do stuff like this?

free image host free image host free image host

I still don’t like Djokovic, but I’m felling temporarily mellow and nostalgic, thus two posts in a row with pics of him here,  jsyk. Take this as a ‘congrats’ for taking the #2 AT LAST. Or rather, it falling on his lap.

I also still wonder if JJ FEELS ALL INADEQUATE AND SHIT when she hangs out with them for being the only one Slamless. Especially now since she seems to have lost most of her soul-glitter and her slump, although not as acute as Ivanovic’s, is making the dream a lot more distant.

IN DIFFERENT NEWS: Team Belgium is adorable and WTA teen hopes De Brito and Oudin are kinda flopping, eh? Here’s wishing it’s just a rough path. ETA: link to the vid of Ana & Novak hand thing, so I don’t have to fave it on YT.

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