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February 2, 2010

I go on a bookmarking pics and links rampant sometimes and don’t remember what I bookmarked them for.

I think the Dina one was for this tl;dr rpl I had planned out where Dina was a fan of Christian Siriano, and she’d walk around (awkwardly! how else) in front of a mirror after putting on the eyeliner and the chillin like a villain boots, saying “Fierce!” In a IF I PRETEND LONG ENOUGH IT WILL BE TRUE way. Idk, I was (am)  sleep deprived and a local channel was doing a S4 of PR marathon.

In usual tardy to the party fashion, I found out about the Kazakhstan Recruiting thing while trying to figure out why there was a KAZ next to Korolev’s name at the AO. I’m assuming there isn’t a rule like FIFA’s about defending different countries in international competitions. Then they could go for Dokic. She’s sorta broke, right?And maybe some rejects like Bartoli.

James LaRosa: Per Croatian press, Goran Ivanisevic now coaching Marin Cilic. No word on if it’s in addition to or replacing Bob Brett.

Maybe Ivanisevic is coming in as a personality-and-charisma coach. (OT: I remember downloading this match, but don’t remember  where/in what computer I saved it. Fail.)

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