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vancouver – 12 days to go!

February 1, 2010

Yeah, look, there’s no secret behind it. You know, I mean, definitely a very talented player. I always knew I had something special, but I didn’t know it was like, you know, that crazy.

Roger Federer, who knows he’s crazy special.

* Mandy the odd man out in the top5: I am so sorry it didn’t work out for you, Andy. I truly am. Two finals, no sets, heaps of pressure. Tough.

* The comeback of Federerexpress & the calendar GS: Could be! I’m not one of those who will be happy (for me, for him, for his fans, for tennis, or anyone/thing) if this “finally” comes to pass, but that’s my problem. It’d be a(nother) monstrous achievement.

* Rafa’s tumble down the rankings, past his peak and will never win another GS: he said in an interview recently that he’ll quit when he feels he’s no longer a contender for Slams. These words have been my life-line for a while now.

One of my biggest fears was that he’d had a slow, painful career death like Hewitt, and have post-match interviews like THIS JEWEL given about him.

I trust he’ll quit when it’s time. Hopefully we’re not there yet. And what I said here stands. My support is like diamonds: ~~*FOREVER*~~ HUGSIES

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