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I wish my game was as tight as my dress

January 5, 2010

Watching Richard Gasquet and Nadia Petrova always depresses me a tad. There’s something about their attitude/on court presence that makes me feel that, despite their natural talent and regardless of their form, failure is inevitable. That feeling persists even when they end up winning.

Funny thing, in between Richard’s and Nadia’s matches in Brisbane yesterday, there was Dokic vs. Ivanovic. The first an ex top 4 player with a genuine sob story who hasn’t done anything to write about since her dream AO ’09 run, the other in an 18+ months slump, hadn’t won a match since August. Yet neither was a character as sad as Nadia and Richard.

Idk. There are the Serenas and Federers, who ooze WINNAR!!! trough every pore. The Petrovas and Gasquets would be in the opposite end of the elite spectrum imo.

HANYWAY! Jelena x Ana – Commies spot Ana’s golfer bf Adam in the stands, go into how WTA players seem to like their golfers, mentioning Evert and Hingis. SUDDENLY – “… but we shouldn’t talk about golf.” “*giggles*” – TIGER WOODS SHOULD DATE A TENNIS PLAYER NEXT. PREFERABLY RF15. ADULTEROUS AND HOMOSEXUAL. GILLETTE CHAMPS SETTING THE TREND.


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I kind of really like this and want one. Idk.

edit: this thread is relevant to my interests. Pic of Petrova’s dress from yesterday.

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  1. January 5, 2010 4:39 am

    haha. brilliant.

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