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you’re not good enough to be that cocky

December 22, 2009

My two favorite links of the day: The year’s most memorable quotes, Serena, Safin never at a loss for words. I’d heard some of those, but some I hadn’t! And I savored them like Rafa-advertised, DELIGHTFUL Christmas cookies.

TENNIS PLAYERS – THEY ARE BITCHY. And Serena Williams is Quotes GOAT:

I just know the standard: Everyone is from Russia. Sometimes I think I’m from Russia, too.

In other news, Mandy’s Adidas outfit for AO:

free image host free image host

They’re okay. Boring, but then again, boring = fabulous when you consider the garish stuff Nike is putting Rafa in. Not to mention that it suits Andy’s ho-humness. Boring for boring, I wish he’d stuck with Fred Perry.

And throw away link of the day: Exho pics – Kafelnikov, Vika, Caro, Kournikova, Ferrer (…)

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