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i’ll never love again

September 13, 2009

edit: Ab tear or no ab tear, del Potro outplayed Rafa and the win was more than well deserved. Undeniable. I’m just not saying “congrats”. \o_


I could try and be a classy loser, but this is my venting journal, so ~~*fuck it*~~.

This loss hurt not only because it was a trashing, not only because I have been told Rafa has a 15 milliliter tear on his ab muscle and will be out for another month, and not only because I’m starting to believe my fave will never be truly competitive again, but because it all came by the hands of del Potro, the top 10 player I respect the least.

I don’t like JMDP. Haven’t since 2008. Reasons:

  1. The “take Rafa’s pants out of his ass” comment before last year’s DC final rubbed me the wrong way, ngl. Was delighted when he got beaten by tennis colossus Feliciano Lopez.
  2. Told Roger at the net after their RG sf match that EVERYBODY WANTED HIM TO WIN THE WHOLE THING.
  3. Got classy with Andy Murray in Rome ’08 by involving Andy’s *mother* into an argument.
  4. Still considered the victim while Nalbandian the Big Bad Villain for Argentina’s DC final loss last year. When it was HE who didn’t prioritize Davis Cup and decided to play TMC injured. David did his part.

Do I hate del Potro? No, not even close. But this loss does hurt more than, say, the beating Djokovic gave Rafa in Cinci. Or the loss to Federer in Madrid. It’s not up to Sod at RG ’09 levels, obviously, but it hurts like a motherfucker. It really does.

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  1. maria permalink
    September 14, 2009 10:16 am

    I guess this is what makes it hurt even more. When he’s already down, he gets beaten by a player with minimal class. I know I speak with extreme bias, but the way DP was slowing down as soon as he got in control of the match yesterday felt like gloating. And if I’m not mistaken, only Rafa got a hint to speed it up.
    I’ve been thinking about a tip for a new hobby, but there’s just nothing that comes close to the highs. It all fades and seems mediocre in comparison to adorable, smiling and winning Rafa.

  2. kid permalink
    September 15, 2009 3:19 pm

    Yeah…sometimes I feel it’s unfair… Rafa has worked so hard for everything he at least deserves some cooperation from the tennis gods. I hope Rafa doesn’t get frustrated; I mean, the knees are 100% for once and now we have an abdominal tear?

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