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penis addiction

September 4, 2009

1. Favorite Thread of the Day: Is Fernando Verdasco responsible for Ana Ivanovic’s troubles?

“Going by Ms. Tylor’s theory, sometimes dating a man in predator mode can have lasting psychological effects. She’s not injured, has played well in patches and also these troubles started around the time she started dating Verdasco. Further, Wozniacki also lost her form after dating Verdasco for a while.”

The AMAZE is strong in this thread.

2. According to MARCA, the players choose the music in the U.S. Open. RogiGOAT picked something from the Empire Strikes Back OST. I’m assuming it’s the Imperial March (Darth Vader’s theme), same theme they used for him in 2007, when he first started with the black kits for night matches. But idk for sure cause I haven’t watched his matches this year.


* He really liked the 2007 Darth Federer moniker, innit?
* Opens a precedent for playing Duel of Fates in his finals.
* Should have picked the Ewoks theme.

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