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who is your mommy now

August 11, 2009

Aaaaaand Clijsters wins her first match, defeating #12 Bartoli. In straight sets. Good match up for Clijsters, Caketoli playing crap – doesn’t matter. We’re talking about a woman who became a mother and hasn’t played competitively in 2 years. And this is no tier IV. It’s Cincinnati.


JEAH, THAT’S RIGHT. This tour is such shit that I thought I’d come back to try to win another slam.

I can’t even fault her. She DOES have a much better shot at ditching the one slam wonder title now. If you put all the accomplishments of the early 90s generation together, their best showing at Slam level is QF. Maria Shoulderpova got that on her very first Slam (RG) after 10 months away from the tour.

Today was the day for comebacks on the men’s side as well, what with 41 yo Roig-y winning doubles with Rafa! But quite frankly, I don’t care about the men’s at all these days. I can’t get trough ATP news without bumping into stuff I just DNW to see or read. In fact, I bump into stuff I DNW even at my own LJ comm of GLEE. Bad tiems, let me tell you, internets. ;__;

But vamos Rafa anyway because my love is true and 4evah. Everybody else can diaf.

Attention Whore Novak Djokovic can convince two buddies to perform Beyonce’s Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) with him before he goes into the flames, though. That’d be nice. I’m sure she could get Serena on board real quick if he tried.

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