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talk your troubles away

August 7, 2009

From the Following the Falling Comet thread over at the Ana Ivanovic subsection of TennisForum:

New low:

6 tournaments without a QF appearance. Never happened in Ana’s career.

From the Ana Ivanovic Tennis Blog:

One reason why Ana is always so upbeat may be due to her love for psychology.

“I still like (reading) psychology, and almost every day since I’ve been here I go to Borders and just sit and read there. I always find myself wandering around that area (psychology section,) but I force myself to sort of go back and read something else. Because it gets you thinking a lot and I’m already doing that more than enough. So I should just read some fiction maybe.”

She’s young. She has lots of time. But if for some reason Ana finds herself no longer driven or into the grind of competition, she can always pull a Thorpe.

Ian Thorpe is now a psychology and linguistics student at Macquarie University.

Guga (Gustavo Kuerten) is studying Scenic Arts (and surfs). 😀


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