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the us hates freedom

August 6, 2009

Vika lost the shriek-off. There was a tiny screaming baby to amp up the noise (BECAUSE THAT MATCHUP NEEDS IT). Vika glared and bitched at his mother from afar. (ILHer.) All of this REPORTEDLY because there was no livestream.

On to the guiiise: why is Roddick being considered a top contender for USO above Murray and bellow only Federer? I’m no expert, but grass =/= hardcourts? This was Mandy’s best year on grass. He’s no grass juggernaut. But he does own Roddick in the h2h, a h2h built on fast hard. (Guess who else he owns in the h2h.)

It’s not wise to do these pre Canada/Cincinnati, but since I always get this shit wrong anyway regardless of how much I wait, here’s my early list of top contenders for the USO:

1. Federer/Murray
2. Andy Roddick/Novak Djokovic

1. I have Fed and Mandy as split faves because I trust Murray to take it this time if it comes to a repeat ’08 final, but likeliest to actually reach final? Federer.

2. I have them split as second tiers because Roddick may be hotter right now, and Djokovic in a slump, but Nole is the one who got to a hc MS final this year, beating Federer on his way there. For Roddick to win this, someone has to take out Fed for him.  And the USO court seems to suit Djokovic well, anyway. He wasn’t doing so great this time last year either and reached sf. (Beating Roddick and the NY crowd. Pre-Stefanki magic Roddick, I know, whatever.)

Watch as the semis turn out to be something ridic like Fed vs Davydenko and Roddick vs. Nobody On a Hot Streak.

For all contenders-listing intents and purposes, Rafa is on holidays until 2010. *weeps quietly*

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