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a shriek-off

August 2, 2009

Ana Ivanovic’s attempt to contribute to TENNIS PLAYERS ON (BIKES):

P4 p2

Pics from here. TENNIS PLAYERS ON SCOOTERS doesn’t have the same ring to it, but it suits Ana. The mental image of her doing a sexy shoot on a Harley a la Sharapova is as lolarious as Rafa actually riding one irl.

Speaking of Rafa, Keothavong is a woman after my own heart. ♥ Hope squishing teddy Rafa helps her while she recovers from her knee injury. Knees. 😡

Stanford denied me Sabine vs. ReRe, allowed UGH Bartoli to go as far as a FINAL, and validated her bitchy UGHness. Stanford is dead to me. Next! Los Angeles, home of Wolfram & Hart.

Larcher de Britto gets a WC because this tourney has a grunting-themed campaing going on, after all. And we get Vika vs Pova. Of course.

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