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life is what happens

July 29, 2009

Reminded me of 2005 Rafa. ;__;

In his new interview for TVE, he says (among trijillion other things, like that Montreal still isn’t a certainty) that ranking isn’t his main concern. Good. Because he’ll most likely lose that #2 soon anyway, since Murray may have more than him to defend, but Rafa still has a lot himself, on his worst surface and out of rhythm.

It shouldn’t matter regardless. He was #2 for so long and when he stepped up, it was with a blast, beating the dude ranked #1 at the time in TWO GS finals, with an Olympic Gold medal as the cherry on top. The #1 is been there, done that. Being healthy and doing well at the majors should be top priority from now to the end of his career.

What else?

Still hoping for Rere-Sabine in Stanford. Still thinking the idea of Chaky letting go a bit of her pride and playing smaller tournaments is a smart one. I don’t think she remembers what’s like winning 3 or so matches in a row. :/

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