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the Hayden Christensen post

July 25, 2009

My relationship with the off-season is not unlike my relationship with Hayden Christensen in that I hate and hate on it and on all its MM, journeymen packed tourneys… until I don’t.

I was about to say that this was the closest to excitement tennis-related stuff has brought into my life in a while, until Bábara reminded me of Stanford. LOOK AT THAT DRAW. It’s beeeoootifool.

Idek how I’d forgotten a Premier. I think Rafa-grief is still shading my view of this sport to the point where I’m blind to some awesome. Either that or I’m too distracted by swimmers (STEAMY EMBRACE).

I want Sabine vs. ReRe QF. Aga vs. Sori, though, is fail. One of them will be out too soon.

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