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July 15, 2009

Every time I think my (not as short-lived as expected) obsession with this sport and its players is AT LAST coming to a close, Rafa does something hilarious, like BUYING A HARLEY-DAVIDSON.

free image host free image host

I hope he bought kid-wheels with that, or that he finds himself a boyfriend to drive him around on it, because if we’re to judge by his car driving skills, this is disaster waiting to happen. Maybe Maymo, perpetual chaperon, could get a permit?

Rafa. Stick with driving your mom around Mallorca in the Aston (while wearing sweatpants). Seriously.

In other news: PUT ON A SHIRT, YOU SLUT. Or not. ♥ She could play in just that, for all I care, good look for her.  Better than the pink kit. But then again, anything is better than that.

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