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what is love

July 6, 2009

From the USO viral vids released so far, I can see the It Must Be Love theme more or less clearly in Dinara’s, JJ’s, Venus’, and Fed’s.

Dinara and JJ talk about giving up something else they also love (at least in Dina’s case, anyway – I didn’t get the sense JJ loooved piano classes) for tennis. Thus: It Must Be Love!

Venus talks about her canine bff Harold and their unconditional love.

Fed talks about himself, whom he loves.

But what’s the It Must Be Love of Mandy, Ana, and ReRe? Chin-ups, being an accomplished tennis hottie and being craycray? Am I being thick? I don’t get it. ;___;

Also, Andy Murray – I C WHAT U DID THAR. Cheeky, self-satisfied grin is not enough. I’m still trough with you. Sorreh.

Alsoalso, I’d bet these days Ana would love if her looks could score her some points on-court. Rough times, bb. Rough times.

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