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slave 4 you remix, plz

June 7, 2009

Brain breakage whenever I’m confronted with Mandy shoots that try to push me to readjust my perception from ‘shocute’ to ‘SORTAKINDA HOT, ACTUALLY’. It’s partic annoying because what makes Andy Murray fun is that he’s supposed to be devoid of any common appeal or charisma, except perhaps wittiness.

Being quirky is his raison d’être, stop trying to make him a stud, media people. 😡

Does he still listen to Shakira, btw? I want someone to get a hold of his iPod and share the contents list.

Johnny Weir’s Poker Face once more – because I’m still on peace on earth mode.

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  1. daniel faraday permalink
    June 11, 2009 3:24 pm


    you’re right, what makes murray “lolz” is the fact that he is so completely dry

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