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in soviet belorussia, players boo crowds

June 1, 2009

I have settled. Am good now. Or numb. IDK. It’s hard to tell. ;___;

And I finally got my Vika being a fierce bitch and booing the crowd back vid. Awesome.

edit: hoshisthoshitshoshit SORI WON AS I WAS TYPING THIS. Sorana Cirstea – FRENCH OPEN QFinalist. ROMANIA: now with added cute tennis stars, to replace the waning gymnasts.

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  1. Pecas permalink
    June 1, 2009 6:56 pm

    Stupid crowd, how they can be such a jerks? Urg. So many players should have done just the same. Well done Vika!

    ps: i’m pretty sad about Rafa 😦 but well, life continues.

  2. June 3, 2009 1:41 pm

    How are things? I want to believe I Feel Nothing but that would just make baby Jesus cry for a tear is shed when a lie is told 😦

    I can’t believe I’m still even watching this tournament. And I can’t believe I still automatically go to the official site PBBBBT.

    • loltennis permalink*
      June 3, 2009 6:42 pm

      Better! Not to the point of feeling like actually watching tennis, but better! Ty for asking, bb.

      And you? You are still watching, sign of your Wolverine-like EMOTIONAL HEALING factor! *Rafa!fistpump*

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