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May 21, 2009

* Sabine Lisicki’s Twitter currently has 6 updates. There’s an exclamation point in 4 of them. A smilie face in 3.

I can see Ivanovic’s Twitter, if she had a public one, being in a similar  “!!! : ) !!!1” vein, but I think Ana would struggle with the the 140 characters limit and, frustrated, would either a) give up tweeting entirely or b) have all her updates be some variation of “exciting!!!”

* From DinaUpdates: Zeljko Krajan quotes video

I wish someone would put together a video of Andy Murray’s meltdowns. I would, but even finding isolated cussing bits is proving problematic (all I could find was ‘fucking twat‘). A shame, really. Takes from his Rotterdam match against Seppi would probably be enough for a 3 minute vid on its own.

* Gilles Simon, in a display of solidarity to Alize, has yet to win a match playing for France in team events with groups divided by nation.

He is 0-2 in ARAG. Plus 0-2 this year in Davis Cup.

Your legs are still great, Cow.

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  1. talulah21 permalink
    May 23, 2009 12:22 am

    simon & cornet shipper right here!

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