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intermission – for qtness

May 20, 2009

* Bb!Ivanovic, from her official forum:

imagebam imagebam imagebam imagebam

First 3 from 2005, last from 2006. I wish she’d stayed with Nike. More variety of dresses. I’m tired of the blue adidas one. :/

* Larcher de Brito won her RG quali match today 6-1, 1-6, 6-3. This type of score seems to be happening again and again for Michelle.  At least this time she ended up winning? 15 is just way too early to become a pro, srsly.

* What I love the most about the Rafa training vids being posted by Nereis8 is that he goes trough around 257 facial expressions and gestures in the first minute alone. They are particularly great in the drop shot one. And because his face, his eyebrows and his hands aren’t enough, he talks with his shoulders as well. NOTHING IF NOT DIDACTIC.

And yes, LOQUACIOUS is about right.

* And since I started with bb!Ana, bb!Rafa. “Pero relativamente”. Eyebrow raise at 0:23.

* edit: Bet Rafa will be stealing a lot of these.

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