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you don’t say

May 18, 2009
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I think and I am sure – that’s my approach anyway – that when I go into a match and I start and finish a match there are no excuses

… does that mean that when you start with the “Oh, I had mono and my back hurts…” people can call you on your bullshit? Because I’d have an opportunity to do it in this very same press conference, lookit:

Q. You said in Rome that since your back problems you were having trouble finding the motion of your serve the way it used to be before; it seems that this week things sort of clicked for you?
A. I had some good serving already this year but then at the same time I couldn’t do it consistently. I would go through a few games where I would serve very well and then get broken a couple of time is a row and that´s not something that I am used to. I just felt that I couldn’t hit my spot so well and today and this whole week it has been coming back.

Why so lame, Rogi. Can we take your back and mono excuse clutch now that you’ve won a tournament? Or they still don’t have an expiration date?

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  1. daniel faraday permalink
    May 31, 2009 7:06 pm

    you can take away the back and mono only if fed fans take away rafa’s “fatigue and knees” excuse

    o wait, rafa never gets called out on any of that

    • loltennis permalink*
      May 31, 2009 7:16 pm

      But RAFA rarely uses them. Other people do to justify his losses. He tends to give full credit to his opponents for wins (see Sod today), last time he didn’t was against del Potro, and the press DID call him out on it. Roger, on the other hand, has been going back an forth with the mono since post-AO ’08. He said before Wimbledon that it was fine. Then he took it back afterwards. We just never know. And then there’s the darkness, and 5th sets being about luck…

      But I’m too sadfaced to discuss this properly. I’ll just be overtly dramatic in a corner for a few weeks. ;__ ;

  2. daniel faraday permalink
    June 1, 2009 11:39 pm

    the thing is, a lot of rafa interviews that he conducts DO have him saying that. he mentions it but also “gives credit to the opponent.”

    about the whole mono thing, federer didn’t say anything about it until months after the ao…all we knew during was that it was a stomach virus. the whole back thing was at the end of last year and kept him out of tournaments. also, he was asked in this interview about it, what’s he going to say? no comment? roger’s always been an honest candid guy, for better or for worse. i’m not saying that he’s perfect because god knows he can be arrogant as fuck but it’s not fair to vilify him while putting rafa on this pedestal. they’re both human and have their own ways of showing it.

    and yeah, i’m a little torn over rafa’s loss. on the one hand, i wanted roger to beat him (lol) but i’m also glad that roger actually has a chance. that is, if he decides to stop losing sets to people like haas and mathieu

    • loltennis permalink*
      June 2, 2009 12:17 am

      “he mentions it but also “gives credit to the opponent.””

      At least he adds the credit part? Because in a lot of after-loss pressers Roger doesn’t even bother. :/

      “also, he was asked in this interview about it”

      In the BBC interview (and a handful of others post UO 08 win) he mentioned it unprompted (that was what made it lulzy, actually, because he started with a ‘I DON’T LIKE MAKING EXCUSES, I’M NOT THAT KIND OF GUY’). In his post USO 08 final presser, he mentioned it (prompted this time) and finished with a “now i’m ok!” — something he’d said previous to Wimbledon, then took it back. What he does when he says that (or pulls out the darkness thing – RG 05 and Wimb 08) is basically discredit his opponents win. Which he claims he doesn’t like to do, because he’s not that sort of guy. By his own standard, if his mono is so serious that is still acting up and affecting his play, wtf is he doing on court?

      I like this dude. IDK what I’ll do with my tennis life when he retires to take care of Mirka babies and I’m left with Novak Fucking Djokovic and his classy ass family. But it bugs me SO MUCH that he seems to be unable to give credit to Rafa (and Andy) *at all* without a “but”, even after occasions like the AO trophy ceremony, where Rafa was incredibly classy and subdued while he was all *PUBLIC EMOTIONAL BREAKDOWN*. The only time I remember him giving credit to Rafa in a non-reluctant fashion was after the RG 08 final, actually. Unreal, considering it’s not like Rafa or his family has ever been all, “The King is dead!!1” or *thumbs down* at him.

      Also, I think ppl don’t call Rafa out on his tiredness and tendinitis excuse because, well, unless you believe his tendinitis is bogus and that playing 4+ hours with less than a day’s rest has no impact on a player, this sort of stuff tends to speak for itself. It’s not like he whips it out only after losses. It’s there constantly, win or lose, since 2006.

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