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the great, great players

May 15, 2009

Alisa’s is def my least favorite of the FILA get ups. An improvement over Lakers Fan costume, though, fohshure. (NOT THAT HARD.)

I don’t know why I’m so fond of Kleybanova. I think it’s because lots of people hate on her. Do you know who else people like to hate on? Carocaro, moonballer of my heart. WHO JUST GOT TO TOP 10, BB. Suck it, bitches.

Madrid is looking more like a glorified Mickey Mouse than a mandatory for both tours. Withdrawal, ret, ret, withdrawal, ret. At this point, Tiriac and Santana must be praying for a Rafa vs. Fed final.

Anyway, Rogi:

None of the great, great players had to pull out which is a good thing, which has happened before like in Paris (in 2008) when Rafa and I had to pull out which was kind of tough.

Yes, it’s never nice when the great, great players (such as yourself, as you say), pull out.

And for some lukewarm friskiness between the supporting cast part of ‘great, great players’, Mandy “hits back” at Djoko. Mandy sez:

There always seem to be problems and now it’s obviously the rankings, (…) It’s great that Novak’s done well the last few weeks but the first three or four months of the year I played a lot better than him so I think the rankings reflect very well how the guys are playing, (…) Until this week I’ve never heard anyone complain. I think maybe only in the last week it’s become a problem for Novak.

Lawlz. And they used to be besties (probably still good buddies, but I doubt they’re still bff). I wish I could find Djoko’s presser after the AO 2008 when he says he’s lost Andy’s phone number.

Unrelated, but I was denied Rafa/Monaco huggy tiemz again. By Verdasco. 😡

Huggy tiemz. ;___;

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