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did drugs, fucked around, hit bottom, regrets it deeply

May 9, 2009

Oh Richie. I maintain that it weren’t the Miami Dolphins ladies, but the cute boy he met at a club, and Richie just couldn’t say no.

In all seriousness, Richard’s life (as far as tennis goes) is sort of – well, not tragic, but Idk – pitifully unrealized? Amazing talent, totted as future #1, Baby Fed, on the cover of magazines when he was 9 yo.

People talk of Safin, but Safin won 2 Slams. (And Martina was at the end of her career anyway.)

Other news:

01. Chaky continues to win matches, you guise. 1st round in Madrid. And this is clay.

02. Blake =  CLAY COURT GENIUS. Was actually leading Davydenko in the first set of their Estoril semi, but lost it in a tb. Is leading by a break in the 2nd set. Match had to be suspended because of darkness, though.

03. Rogi and ARod chatting in Madrid. About married life and how Rogi had to upstage him even at that, prolly. Twat. Every time I see pictures of them together, I think of that Wimbledon final, feelings of inadequacy/resentment, and how they’re Tennis Slash’s First Couple – torn apart by that abhorrent third wheel, Nadal. Not necessarily in that order.

04. Youzhny reaches his first final in more than a year, I think. Fab news. Youzyouz’s my favorite Russian player, ATP or WTA. Missing the military salute quite a lot.

05. THIS GIF. I love these fucking tennis players.

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  1. daniel faraday permalink
    May 15, 2009 2:30 am


    IF SO, A+

    I did not catch it until the second glance

  2. loltennis permalink*
    May 16, 2009 7:37 pm

    The tittle? It’s a Queer as Folk – US reference.

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