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v for vindictive

May 1, 2009

I’m tempted to make this my “Agnieszka Radwanska and Rafael Nadal make me happy” journal.

Aga playing Fed Cup. I hadn’t noticed her nails before! Playing Dinara tomorrow. 😦
Rafa, the leetle engine that can. Thank you, Soddy, for bringing out his vindictive side.

Rafa’s been looking meh in his post-match press conferences for awhile now. He was meh after he won IW. Meh after he won MC. Meh after Barcelona. But today?

Most satisfied I’ve seen Rafa look in a presser in a while. I want both him and Monaco to make it to the semis. Cute overload. AND THERE COULD BE (NET) HUGGING. (They high-five before the hug. Unghf.)

Last not least: Stuttgart Flickr set of happiness. Everybody looks so pretty. Even acne-outbreak, moonface!Caro. She may have been in that uncomfortable time of the month.

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