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rafa/pico huggy tiems, plzplzplz

May 1, 2009

* Feli Lopez must be one of the most popular guys on tour, I swear. Here he is, being charmed by Safin (pictures by reiko). With hand-holding on top.

That’s why Verdasco gets cranky and possessive. His gf is a bit of a floozy.

* I spend ages defending Dinara from the haterade, and the moment she starts playing well and being outstanding again I lose interest in her. (Not just because she beat Aga today, jsyk).

* I really like Ivanovic, but she’s never been in my top 3 favorites. Yet, all of a sudden, I’m stricken by this wanting of her to defend RG. Kardon seems to have no respect for the surface, though, and I get the impression he’s more preoccupied in transforming her in a Wimbledon contender.

That’s sort of sad because Ana has a beautiful, natural clay court game. It’s her best surface and RG the GS she has the most chances to take, her trackrecord on grass and the USO not being so great.

Hope she does well in Rome. :/ She’s got Fran almost straight away, but the draw is doable.

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  1. Pecas permalink
    May 2, 2009 5:30 pm

    Marat and Feli are sooooooooo doing it. I kinda like it more than Feli/Fer.

    Btw, who took the photos again? I didn’t notice.

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