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April 29, 2009

One of those “My favorite…” from ATP, about cars this time.

Ivan Ljubicic can’t even talk about cars without  sounding pedantic and pretentious. He’d probably be my least favorite active ATP player were it not for the fact he’s a nobody. (I’ll never forget him saying he felt like he was “the real #2” in 2006 because Rafa could only play on clay. Then saying to reporters in that same year – after losing the RG sf to Rafa – that no one in the locker room wanted Rafa to win RG, that they were all for Roger. Rafa had just turned 20, like, days before, and journalists told him what Ivan had said. Ugh. Hate this dude. Hate.)

Andy lost. To Monaco, whom I heart as much as I heart Andy, so it wouldn’t have been so bad, but now Andy has to count on Djokovic failing to defend Rome to get the #3. Djokovic’s track record defending titles is woeful, so there’s plenty room for hope, but the universe. It hates me. Not to mention that Andy has loads more to defend from Wimbledon onwards than Djokovic, so he could have used some cushioning, points-wise. Sigh.

Almost everything about tennis is making me grumpy these days.  :/ Trying hard to think of positives. All I can come up with is: Kate Walsh crushing on Rafa, reports of Caro and A Rad dancing to court’s speakers music in Stuttgart. That’s kind of it.

Wish people would stop linking me to lookit-Djokovic-doing-funny-shit vids. They’re invariably awkward and unfunny, exception being the fabulous ad for HEAD.

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