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uglies will be shunned

April 22, 2009

edit: Almagro was photographed shirtless, too! Thank you, Pecas! With some luck, he’ll have his shirtless shots end up in the edition, even if they were thought not good enough to include  in the previews/teasers. :/

… or alternatively, Nico Almagro gets no respect.

Everybody in the Armada gets a full page all for themselves and multiple shots except Almagro, who only gets to appear fully clothed arm in arm with David Ferrer so he won’t feel too bad (while making Ferrer look prettier).

What I love about this shoot is that ’tis described as: “«Elle» inmortaliza a los príncipes del tenis español – La cara más humana y sexy de los caballeros del mágico reinado de Nadal.” Which is something like, “«Elle» immortalizes the princes of Spanish tennis – the more human and sexy side of the knights in Nadal’s magical kingdom.

So Nico is the benevolent knights’ man servant? The ‘human’ is there to make the sentence look nice and less shallow, but I think they should have gone with just ‘sexy’ and left Almagro out of the shoot entirely.  I’d bet on Almagro feeling the same way. More dignified.

Poor Nico. He’s a Marvel villain waiting to happen.

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  1. Pecas permalink
    April 23, 2009 11:55 am

    I think he’ll appear half naked too, , but I agree, he seems like “the ugly sister”.

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