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April 16, 2009

“I’m happy for him that he’s progressed so much over the last couple years,” continued Federer. “He’s finally making a push, getting close to top players and beating top players like myself.

“I think it’s great for him. The beginning of the clay court season, he’s already playing really well.

“That’s stuff he couldn’t really do three seasons ago because he got injured or he had tough draws or he played one horrible match which took away his confidence.

“And this year and last year I think it’s all sort of coming together for him. I’m happy for him.” (link)

Roger doesn’t usually do that. Give other players straight praise (as opposed to his more common backhanded ones), without an added “but it was dark” or a “people were more sad for me than happy for him” or a “fifth sets are about luck, not who is the best player”. He didn’t talk himself up first, either – no “my talent” this, nor “the problem was me, not them” that. Nice to read. He does seem to genuinely like Stan.

I had no classes today, perfect opportunity to stay home and watch MC, and what happens? Interrupted play due to bad weather.

But the day wasn’t completely lost! I was introduced to Fabio Fognini’s gallery. Love eeeeeet. It’s art.

This pic screams many things. TENNIS IS MY DAY JOB is not one of them.

There was also Fedfed’s gilette ad, which most people seem to find hilarious. Frankly, I prefer Djokovic’s HEAD one (and Fognini’s gallery). The gilette ad makes me go into a bad fit of “embarrassed on another’s behalf” that renders me incapable of actually finding it funny.

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  1. postmoderngirls permalink
    April 17, 2009 2:14 am

    Fognini’s hot.
    It’s a pity he’s younger than feels wrong to be checking his bum out when he’s barely an adult.
    When did I get older than the new bunch of cuties on tour?? 😦

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