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asia calling

April 15, 2009

Shamil Tarpishchev told Russian journalists that Pova is training hard for the clay season and RG. Taylor Dent has also said that Maria is indeed working very, very hard.

I want to believe them. I feel the tour needs her right now. I wonder if she’s planning on coming back (if planning at all) with a bang like at the AO  ’08. Kamikaze tennis doesn’t quite work on clay, but Pova is such a fierce competitor that I wouldn’t be surprised if she pulled it off despite poor movement.

In Monte Carlo news, certain losses actually made me happier than the wins. I’m going to list only the happy wins, though, because I’m making an effort to reduce  bitchyness: Rafa, Nico and Nalby! Yay! Well done, dudes. Nico in special.  He has to play Rafa next, after that marathon, which – not so good! But a nice win regardless.

When I heard the explanation for the Volando a Pekin/Flying to Beijing, that it was supposed to be a joke with his friends because they’re planning to go on a holiday after the US Open, I immediately thought of Steph Rice in Thailand after the Olympics.

I just hope he isn’t using this post-US Open holiday as motivation to cope with a burn out. (Then again, if he’s just going to China for Shanghai 1000, then that’s not all that big a motivation, is it? Oh, the neverending tennis season.)

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