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dropshotting like it’s hot

April 14, 2009

edit: much (much) as I hate him like burning, I gotta give it to Djokovic (and the HEAD people) that THIS is hilarious. And it wouldn’t have worked had any other top 10 player starred it.

Someone over WTA World posted this video of Aga Radwańska doing a sassy dropshot – lob – dropshot combo against Domi Cibulkova. It made me miss her and wish she’d carried on the good form after her Wimbledon run.

Agnieszka’s kinda like WTA’s Mandy pre Mandy’s tough physical training and pre giving up variety for the sake of a more high-percentage game. (IDK why Andy gave up the tricks. Got frustrated when they didn’t work? I wish I could find his match against Karlovic in IW 08. Cheeky, gimmicky!Andy Murray at his best. He s&v and lobbed Karlovic a trijillion times. Note: Karlovic is a fucking giant.)

Speaking of Andy Murray, I missed his match today and thus have no idea how is his current form on clay. Seems like he won easy, and Hanescu isn’t too shabby. Clay specialist, RG QF to his name. Andy does have a tough quarter. The toughest of the top 4 imo (followed by Rafa, then Djokovic, then Fed).

And speaking of MC, people on location have reported Rafa is not practicing well. Got “walloped” by a no-name today, apparently. This does make me a little anxious.

I’m glad I have class tomorrow and will be missing him trying to work out his problems against Chela, another clay specialist.

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  1. postmoderngirls permalink
    April 15, 2009 3:50 am

    I watched Muzzah-Hanescu. He was OK…tonnes of drop shots, tiny wobble in the first few games, but he sorted himself out alright.

    I’ve been trying to ignore the practice blogs.

    Agreed on Djoke being the only one to be able to pull that one off. Pre-Djoke.. I’d have said maybe Roddick. Funnily enough, they’re kinda alike in a ‘I’ll do anything’ sort of way.

  2. postmoderngirls permalink
    April 15, 2009 3:51 am

    That should read practice mentioning blogs/reports.

  3. loltennis permalink*
    April 15, 2009 11:11 pm

    Ah, thank you! Back with the dropshots! I wonder if it’s a Corretja thing of if he just can’t help it with the players standing so far back on clay.

    I think ARod wouldn’t be as successful with that ad because his humor strikes me more as of the frat boy funny variety than farce/face pulling/screwball-like stuff. Imagining him trying to pull the Flashdance thing is making me LOL, though.

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