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April 12, 2009

It was actually their wedding, too.

Ana, Camilla, Caro – nobody replaces Feli Lopez as Verdasco’s One True Gf.

I have this theory that one of the reasons behind Verdasco’s slight animosity toward Rafa is that he was jealous of Rafa/Feli cozy tiems. All of this is past now that Rafa has found himself another Lopez. (Moar MC party pics here –  With so many metrosexual friends, Rafa still hasn’t picked up the tailoring thing. Hopeless. ;__;)

Back to Chez Mr. Monte Carlo Wildcard Vavrinec – if the wedding has been in the plans for a while, then the original schedule (without Monte Carlo) makes a lot of sense. He’d have about a month off from Miami until Rome.

Maybe it wasn’t a conscious decision to play the least matches possible before Wimbledon, like I had thought, but a honeymoon-reserved gap.

Regardless, I still think backtracking and taking the wildcard had more to do with rankings than with the desire for more preparation for RG. Andy Murray is not that far behind. And is now replacing him in events:

Looks like it was more or less the same thing they had in 2006 with Rafa and Roger. Better this way. They could have opted for the casino LOLyale theme again, and I have a hard time imagining Andy in Djokovic’s place. Nobody oozes the  international man of mystery spy vibe quite like Mandy.

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  1. postmoderngirls permalink
    April 13, 2009 2:22 am

    ‘Nobody oozes the international man of mystery spy vibe quite like Mandy.’
    ‘You ever talk about my mum again…’

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