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which 3 players do you most want to win rg? (wta)

April 10, 2009

I take pride in that this is not, in fact, my top 5 favorite players list, though I do like all of these ladies.

In order:

1. Dinara Safina: let’s put some of the shine back to the #1! At the very least, Dina was luckier than JJ in that her #1 ranking came during clay season, which is her best surface. Best time to grow into the ranking and regroup. Then, if you want, you can just call it quits with a big stfu to the haters and go off to get married and make some babies, Dina.

2. Victoria Azarenka: let’s go all out with the hype! If the WTA situation is dire, what better than a bright, young beacon of shinning hope? Not that it helped much with Ana Ivanovic last year, but… you know. Maybe Vika will manage to hang in there, be consistent and injury-free?

3. Serena Williams: failing the previous two options, let’s give back the #1/or at least speed up the returning of the #1 to a player more representative of what the position should mean.

Honorable mentions: Elena Dementieva, for the “feel good story” potential, a la Dokic at the AO, but with less abusive father drama and more, erm, shedding off bridesmade-ry; Ana Ivanovic, because if she defends the title, and Rafa manages to win his 5th consecutive RG, they’ll be getting all cute at the draw ceremony again next year.

The picture in this entry has nothing whatsoever to do with the post, other then that there are two WTA players in it. I just really like it, so there.

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  1. gem permalink
    April 15, 2009 12:34 am

    just because it will be funny after her crap season so far and she is the master of the media

    2. kuznetsova/zvonereva
    i love them both and they often sneak into last 16/quarters unnoticed , want them to go further this time

    3 serena
    to knock safina back off her perch

  2. loltennis permalink*
    April 15, 2009 7:56 pm

    Old!JJ winning would be *hilarious*, but ever since IMG started managing her, her “exuberance” has diminished quite a bit. It’s sad. 😦

    I like Sveta and Bepa as well.

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